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Slush Puppie is simply...

...the most popular non-carbonated slush beverage in the world!

Here's why:

  1. Totally fun and refreshing taste. Slush Puppie offers the most customer-pleasing flavors of any frozen slush drink. Nothing could be cooler!
  2. The healthy choice. Slush Puppie has no cholesterol, is low fat and Vitamin (-enriched. And because it's non-carbonated, customers enjoy a long-lasting, refreshing drink...not a drink filled with air.
  3. A profitable addition to your store. With outstanding brand recognition, Slush Puppie makes it easy to generate impulse and repeat sales. It's a high-margin product with small space requirements.
  4. Convenient. Easy-to-mix Slush Puppie requires no refrigeration and the easy-to-operate equipment provides convenient dispensing and uniform product control.
  5. Wide variety of floor and counter machines. From small-volume machines suitable for self-service to high volume models with convenient auto fill systems and bag-in-a-box options, you can choose a machine that fits your needs.

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